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Guilford Green / About Paint Colors as Backgrounds

Guilford Green / About Paint Colors as Backgrounds
"Your lot buys it. Our lot inherits it" Mary Crawley says thinly veiling her disgust in a dialogue that marks the beginning of the end of her engagement to Sir Richard, a self made man in the popular TV series Downton Abbey. In previous scenes, Sir Richard has felt Lady Mary's reluctance to marry him. On this occasion, he takes her to see his wedding gift to her, an extravagant empty mansion. Lady Mary restrained the urge to gasp when she cast her gaze upon the austere white space. She simply asked "where are the furnishings". "We'll buy them, of course" he responded. Wrong answer.

In English tradition, estates are inherited. One simply doesn't change the character of a room at will. The theater of seating changes over time, and walls are meant to provide ambience not graphic elements of a daily whim. Indeed, rosy pink and wood rose may have been favored simply because they flatter fare complexions.

Benjamin Moore paints provides an historical palette that emulates colors made in Europe centuries ago. These colors would have been made with organic pigments incapable of vibrance that todays chemicals can achieve.

Whether we intend to mimic elegance of Europe or provide a welcoming environment for modern furnishings, colors of Benjamin Moore's historical palette and Design Nashville's Colors for Real Living serve as pleasant backgrounds for our best ideas.

Shown here: Benjamin Moore's choice for Color of the Year 2015 Guilford Green, historical color 116