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Blue Reef Embroidered Bedding Ensemble

Blue Reef Embroidered Bedding Ensemble
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Durable, luxurious, and stylish! This tropical bedding combines fine materials with practicality of materials and construction. Large scale seashells and blue coral are expertly embroidered on a ground of poly, viscose, and cotton achieving a luxurious hand and excellent pictorial quality. Accent fabrics are in high quality woven linen and cotton blends of teal and sapphire. The skirt is of a non wrinkling faux linen in a rice white color accented with 2.2" blue braid. Choose from three bed covering styles in three lengths as well as 7 lengths and two options for the skirt.

Ensemble includes: 2 Qn or 3 Kg Euro pillows 27x27 Sapphire Ocean (blue) Linen with Shimmering Sea bias cut fabric covered cording 0.5"
1 Contrasting Euro pillow Shimmering Sea ribbed (streaked) cotton blend fabric with Sea Surf White Twisted Cording
2 Blue Reef Embroidered Pillows oversized rectangles 21x30 or 21x34 with Sea Surf White Twisted Cording on all sides. Neutral decorative fabric back
1 Novelty pillow Sapphire Ocean Linen center, Shimmering Sea ribbed fabric outer sections, Blue Braid as shown, Sea Surf White Twisted Cording on all sides.
1 Bed covering in your choice of luxury cover, duvet cover, or comforter. All have Blue Reef Embroidered front
Luxury Cover: Twinkle Quilted with lining back. Hemmed sides
Duvet Cover: Blue poly/ cotton back, Sea Surf Twisted Cording on all sides, zipper closer at back/ foot (back may be upgraded to Sapphire Blue Ocean upon request (+180 Q +270 K)
Comforter: Same materials as duvet cover but quilted in either twinkle pattern (alternating grid of plus motifs) or outline quilting. 9 oz fill (alternating circles can be substituted for twinkle pattern upon request without additional cost)
1 Optional skirt Rice White non wrinkling faux linen continuous on three sides or split at corners, deluxe lining, braid accent near bottom hem.

Additional coordinates are available upon request.