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Preserved Botanical Decor

Preserved Botanical Decor
Floral and botanical arrangements in this section are made especially for direct shipping. All stems are secured in place and excellent packaging provides safe delivery for beautiful presentations.

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About Our Preserved Plants Give Thanks Golden Rooster Preserved Floral Arrangement
Desktop Bonsai 20", preserved botanical
Windswept Bonsai Tree, preserved botanical
Preserved Beauty Bonsai Tree, 17"
Vivid Symphony preserved botanical arrangement
April Morning Preserved Botanical Arrangement
Regular price: $588.00
Sale price: $420.00
Antique Sewing Drawer Preserved Floral Arrangement
Pheasant Flourish Botanical Arrangement
Regular price: $212.00
Sale price: $188.00
Orchid Leaf Tower Arrangement
Bellamy Yellow Botanical Arrangement Urn
Regular price: $322.00
Sale price: $269.00
Essence Tray of Preserved Botanicals
Regular price: $286.00
Sale price: $246.00
Champagne Enchantment Floral Arrangement
Harvest Blessings Botanical Arrangement
Regular price: $352.00
Sale price: $312.00
The Sweet Life Preserved Floral Arrangement
Bountiful Golden Hydrangeas
Marshlands Preserved Floral Arrangement
Regular price: $467.00
Sale price: $399.00
Country Green Rooster Organic Art
Regular price: $549.00
Sale price: $488.00
Preserved Newport Palm Tree 6 ft or 7 ft.
Regular price: $986.00
Sale price: $810.00
Comforts of Home Preserved Floral Arrangement
Xavier Preserved Boxwood Spiral Topiary
Deer in Cypress botanical arrangement
Dining Medley Preserved Arrangement
Golden Pear and Hydrangea Preserved Arrangement
Regular price: $466.00
Sale price: $368.00
Preserved Boxwood Willow Topiary
Vibrant Flower Garden long arrangement
Regular price: $822.00
Sale price: $699.00
Eternal Palm Fronds, table top
Regular price: $158.00
Sale price: $104.00
Celebration Christmas Red Preserved Arrangement 1
Omni Garden preserved botanical arrangement
Botanical Bunny preserved botanical arrangement
Gardening Bunny
Easter Bunny with Back Pack, preserved botanical figure