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Coastal France Drapery Panel

Coastal France Drapery Panel
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Coastal France Drapery Panel
Enjoy the French personality of this delightful coastal drapery featuring shells and script writing. The linen look fabric is actually cotton/ polyester for a wrinkle resistant and durable drapery lower than the cost of linen. Shell motifs are larger than real shells but smaller than an adult fist. A photo of approximately 40" of the fabric is shown at the inset.

To show off the beautiful printed elements of the fabric, we recommend the three top styles offered in the options section:
Pleat is a two pronged pleat (rather than traditional 3 prong) to reveal more of the printed fabric.
Grommet top is a contemporary look appropriate for this drapery. Antique brass finish is standard, but other finishes may be requested at the comment blank at checkout. Grommets are sized to clear 1 3/8" poles. Larger grommets are available upon request.
Tabs are fabric loops that go over a pole or decorative medallion. Tabs are standard 2" wide and 5" high. Other tab dimensions are available upon request.

Unlined panels are available as an option. The main fabric is of excellent weight and body to be finished without lining. However, the printed motifs are visible from the back side of the fabric. We recommend unlined draperies were economy is essential or on porches or situations where the view of the back of the fabric is not under scrutiny.