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Decorating Trend 2017 Colorful Textiles

Decorating Trend 2017 Colorful Textiles
Color refuses to follow a trend this year. At least half of the fabric on the market is manufactured in the hopes that a design house will like it rather than the traditional way that stylists and designers inspire fabric lines. Since over 90% of the fabrics are made in the east, the character of fabric is changing. There are more vivid colors, higher sheen, and Eastern motifs.

Since floral patterns are admired throughout the world, these Asian floral silks feel welcoming to western eyes. The fuchsia fabric features a Chinoiserie effect that has been used in Europe for centuries. In this way, imported fabrics seem more familiar to us.

Some designers are layering color, pattern, and more color. Others are working with a white or very dark base (possibly even black) on walls, floors, and major furnishings, and then decorating with color on accents. However you would like to introduce color, we are here to help!

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