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Elephant Adoration Bedding Ensemble

Elephant Adoration Bedding Ensemble
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Elephant Adoration Bedding Ensemble
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Ensemble includes:
2 Rectangular Pillows
19 x 26 plus 3.5" flange Qn or 20 x 34 Kg plus 3.5" flange. Elephant Adoration fabric front and back. Decorative Tape or Bead Trim at the beginning of the flange. See inset photo for three trim options.
1 Charcoal Embroidered Hexagon Pillow 18x18 Qn or 19x19 Kg.
1 Radiant Diamond rectangular pillow 16x24" Qn or 17 x 26" Kg.
1 Duvet Cover Diamond Red fabric A front, Solid off white back (shown in the sketch folded at the head of the bed). Duvet cover is edge stitched on all sides to maintain a clean lined edge.
1 Optional bed skirt, Timeless Ribbed Fabric, snow and ash. Lined in off white poly/ cotton lining. One pleat in the center of each side and at the corner/ foot.

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