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Bedding Design Emulates Nature

Bedding Design Emulates Nature
This is a desert cardinal. When I saw it, my heart stopped for a minute, and I forgot I was on the internet working in social media to promote my business. (June 2015)

The colors, the shading, the diagonal juxtaposition all comprised within a living creature whose beauty appears constant even while in motion.

At moments like this, I feel elated and stunned. But, a great sadness falls on me inevitably as I take in the magnitude of the beauty before me.

I have been competing with people in the arts and design and winning since I was four years old. Now, I am very respected for my use of color among other things. I let myself take pride in my talent which is fine, I'm sure. At times like these I recognize the magnificent, all encompassing, daring, and rule making, rule breaking creation of God.

I think that people try very hard to define God. When I see this bird, I know that I have understood only the beginnings of the bird much less the depth of God.

As my mind settles down, I think I should make a design using fabric with these colors. I could find them if I tried. The blue would be the hardest. It is a sober thought. Then, I remember I have made a design with a blue damask that has a purple/ grey tint, and I accented it with a murky dark crimson that took me forever to find. I made it in 2013 for a lady who clicked and purchased it online without even calling first. It made my day and week and month. I realized then that we could sell from swatches and that I didn't have to find financing for a vast inventory. Here is my humble design that is vaguely like the Desert Cardinal: Montgomery Legacy Collection

As I complete the roller coaster wave of thought, I realize that God must have put a tiny seed in my mind, a glimpse of what could be and a passion for nurturing that seed. A new realization slowly breaks through my consciousness: this is how I am loved by God. This tiny seed that I cherish is his life long gift to me.

If you are reading this thinking "how trite" I would like you to know I have never written anything similar. At this time, I have nearly attained my Masters of Business Administration Degree. People around me talk about how I should make money.

I'm going to spend some time in humble reverence thinking about what God intends for me to do with my tiny seed.

Tanna Espy Miller