Exclusive Bedding, Drapery, and Designer Home Accents

European Charm Fabrics

Fabrics are available by the whole yard. Minimum orders may apply.

Custom draperies, bedding, headboards, and furniture are available upon request.

Wellspring Embroidered Leaves Fabric, color natural
Bluebird Toile Fabric
Regular price: $58.90
Sale price: $47.80
Blonde Linen Blend Fabric
Willow Buds Embroidered Fabric, wheat
Regular price: $102.00
Sale price: $91.00
Promise Embroidered Lattice Fabric, blue
Davis Tweed Fabric, blueberry
Belvedere Chateau Chenille Damask fabric
Venetian Lattice Embroidered Fabric, butter yellow
Tuscan Homecoming Tapestry Fabric
Sunday Morning Bouquet Fabric
Regular price: $39.20
Sale price: $36.60
Pemberly House Floral Fabric
Regular price: $61.20
Sale price: $54.00
Roasted Coral Damask Fabric
Berkshire Herringbone Fabric, color thicket
Pheasant Hill Tapestry Fabric
Allegro Cashew Fabric
Haberdashery Plaid Fabric, adobe
Huntington Station Fabric, persimmon
Classic Moiré Fabric, henna
Woodland Blush Damask Print Fabric
Lavender Frost Linen Blend Fabric
Beaumont Chenille Damask Fabric, grape
Spring Breeze Floral Print Fabric
Purple Shadow Ribbed Velvet
Summer Cottage Floral Fabric, rose
Grape Frost Silk Fabric
Natural Pink Geometric Fabric
Martinique Embroidered Paisley Fabric, spruce
Bud vines silky fabric, aqua
Chesapeake Bay Diamond Tapestry Fabric
Vintage Paisley Stripe, blue
Sublime Suede Fabric, color Caribbean Blue
Abbot Manor Scenic Cotton Print Fabric
Regular price: $42.00
Sale price: $37.20
Pasadena Stripe Fabric, spice
Promise Embroidered Lattice Fabric, color spring
Huntington Station Fabric, spruce
Golden Horizon Silk Fabric
Leaf Toile fabric, butter yellow
Huntington Station Fabric, antique brass
Ochsner Palace Damask, chardonnay and gold
Vintage Look Coral Fabric
Tea Time Floral Fabric
Huntington Station Fabric, blue and plum
Fresco Linen Fabric, warm blush
Summer Cottage Floral Fabric, ivory
Mink Violet Velvet
Light Stone Linen Blend Fabric
Walnut Orchard Print Fabric
French Lattice Tapestry, color red rouge
Mega Chenille Fabric, auburn
Regular price: $49.00
Sale price: $46.20
Thornbrook Cottage Fabric
Regular price: $41.00
Sale price: $37.00
Elegant Lattice Jacquard Fabric, apricot fresco
Mediterranean Riviera Tapestry Fabric
Canterbury Paisley Fabric
Kimberly House Floral Fabric
Country French Vine Sheer Fabric
Floral Regalia Linen Fabric
Champion Red Printed Cotton Fabric
Imperial Damask, royal red
Plum Wine Velvet
French Script Fabric
Regular price: $37.00
Sale price: $26.90
Scottish Highlands Damask Chenille, gray
Stormy Grey Hounds Tooth Fabric
Huntington Station Fabric, spruce
Floral Regalia Linen Fabric
Classic Moire Fabric, ivy green
Pheasants at the Manor Fabric, light slate
Elegant Lattice Jacquard Fabric, lake mist
Malachite Green Stripe Fabric
Regular price: $36.00
Sale price: $27.00
Pheasants at the Manor Fabric, field
Ivy League Chenille Fabric
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $42.00
Classic Silk, color henna
Amistad Textured Fabric, ash
Ribbed Chenille Fabric, goldenrod
Traveler's Rest Chenille Fabric
Tuscan Damask fabric