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European Charm Rugs

European Charm Rugs
This collection features historical designs as well as trends inspired by Europe with emphasis on large scale, simplified French pattern and sweet Tuscan styles. Colors are pleasing in our European Charm Collections. Since Europe has always admired and incorporated Oriental rugs in their decor, we have included some here when they contribute to the "charm" aspect required for this category. A few Color Gallery Rugs have been selected as well to provide a base for European inspired yet unique looks.

For regal, opulent, Art Deco, earthy, colorful, and masculine rugs, visit Designer Boutique Rugs

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Elegant Ivory, carmel, and misty green traditional decoratingHampshire Blue Hand Knotted Wool Rug 8x10
Regular price: $2,172.00
Sale price: $1,533.00
Pearl River Transitional Rug, snow cream
Regular price: $7,520.00
Sale price: $5,992.00
Aubry Wool Rug
Catriona's Garden Rug, ocean reflection
Emergence Hand Knotted Rug, white and berry
Keeley Floral Rug
Teagan Floral Rug
Evelyn Transitional Rug
Regular price: $1,149.00
Sale price: $1,022.00
Twilight Courtyard Rug
Tristen Transitional Rug
Chesapeake Blue Rug
Regular price: $2,790.00
Sale price: $2,370.00
Pearl River Wool Rug, gray or powder blue
Vitalia Floral Rug
Blooming in July Rug
Sublime Blue Mist Rug
Piazza Red Wool Rug
Precious Blue Floral Rug
Palatial Hospitality Rug
Regular price: $5,499.00
Sale price: $4,772.00
Jubilant Floral Rug, blue
Quiet Splendor Rug, sand
Regular price: $3,564.00
Sale price: $2,699.00
Othello's Palace red area rug
Mystic Springs Wool Rug
Regular price: $2,840.00
Sale price: $2,620.00
Snow Mist area rug, cream gray
Regular price: $812.00
Sale price: $760.00
Floral Sonnet Wool Rug
Battenberg Graphic Rug, Blue
Regular price: $1,490.00
Sale price: $1,110.00
Graphic Oriental Blossom Rug
Nouveau Glamour Rug
Jubilant Floral Rug, ivory
Van Gogh Leaves Rug
Heralding Flowers Rug
Iron Emblem Rug
Palace Chocolate Mod Rug
Tuscan Red Floral Rug
Regular price: $2,699.00
Sale price: $2,415.00
Millenium Mandarin Rug
Palazzo Round Rug
Regular price: $880.00
Sale price: $749.00
Manasseh Kilim Wool Rug, cocoa
Keeley Floral Rug