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Blue, Green Fabrics

Blue, Green Fabrics
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Drapery panels made with your choice of fabric

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Cobalt Blue Inspiration Calypso Blue Fabrics Calypso Blue Fabrics 2
Sublime Blue Octopus Fabric, blue turquoise
Regular price: $91.00
Sale price: $84.00
Sublime Suede Fabric, color Caribbean Blue
Borneaz Blue Fabric
Stanton Hall Embroidered Fabric, navy
Capri Blue Premium Silk Dupioni Fabric
Sinclair's Bay Tartan Fabric, blue
Thunder Mountain Tapestry Fabric, dark spruce
Scottish Daybreak Floral Fabric
Cordial Blue Geometric Fabric
Diamond Ridge Fabric, navy
Tuscan Vine Fabric, navy
Cross Hatch Chunky Fabric, navy
Reckless Flirtation Lattice Fabric
Sailor's Lattice, embroidered fabric
Chesapeake Bay Diamond Tapestry Fabric
Nautical Vines Embroidered Fabric, navy
Houndstooth Woven Fabric, teal
Caribbean Weave Fabric, color blue green
Laurel Garden Print Fabric
Laurel Spring Print Fabric
Regular price: $41.20
Sale price: $29.00
Waters of Venice Faux Raw Silk Fabric
Promise Embroidered Lattice Fabric, blue
Davis Tweed Fabric, blueberry
Coventry Blue Heather Fabric
Barnegat Blue Linen Print Fabric
Vintage Paisley Stripe, blue
Seaworthy Nautical Print Linen Fabric
Twilight Remembrance Fabric
Mega Chenille Fabric, tarnished pewter
Blue Danube Faux Silk Damask Fabric
Reinhardt Slate Fabric
Cobblestone Tweed Chenille Fabric, blue
Wilshire Cliff Arabesque Fabric, blue white
Regular price: $56.80
Sale price: $47.20
Cabana Blue Ikat Fabric
Regular price: $64.00
Sale price: $53.20
Savannah Island Paisley Fabric
Exotic Turquoise Fabric
Regular price: $56.00
Sale price: $49.20
Dashing Houndstooth Tapestry Fabric, color ocean
Turquoise Ocean Fabric
Tropical Sea Glass Fabric
Regular price: $43.00
Sale price: $39.00
Caribbean Tiles Fabric
Ocean Stripe Fabric
Ocean Spray Linen Look Fabric
Mirage Embroidered Fabric, aqua
Sea Breeze Floral Fabric
Gentle Stream Textured Fabric, water
Regular price: $61.00
Sale price: $47.20
Picardie Trellis Embroidered Fabric. blue green
Fresco Stripe Fabric, spruce mist
Regular price: $78.00
Sale price: $64.00
Martinique Embroidered Paisley Fabric, spruce
Lily Pond Silk Damask
Huntington Station Fabric, spruce
Berkshire Ikat Tapestry Fabric
Palms at the Lagoon Embroidered Fabric
Deep Sea Faultline Fabric
Bar Harbor Truffle Floral Tapestry Fabric
Regular price: $142.00
Sale price: $136.00
Cyprus Green Silk Fabric
Cyprus Island Geometric Tapestry
Cyprus Green Velvet
Classic Moire Fabric, forest green
Malachite Green Stripe Fabric
Regular price: $36.00
Sale price: $27.00
High Tea at the Gazebo Linen
Seamist Faux Raw Silk Fabric
Wellspring Embroidered Leaves Fabric, color spruce
Seamist Linen Blend Fabric
Promise Embroidered Lattice Fabric, color seaglass
Elegant Lattice Jacquard Fabric, lake mist
Fresh Air Blue Floral Linen Blend Fabric
Mega Chenille Fabric, robin's egg blue
Point Pleasant Floral Fabric
Whispering Floral Fabric, spa
Spring Green Herringbone Fabric
Rain Shower Ikat Fabric, blue green
Regular price: $61.00
Sale price: $52.00
Olive Spring Silk Fabric
Spring Promise Faux Linen
Summer Cottage Floral Print Fabric, green
Watercolor Branches Linen Print Fabric
Regular price: $52.00
Sale price: $41.00
Daybreak Medallion Print Fabric
Scottish Moss Washable Fabric
Avondale Lattice Matelasse Fabric, lemon-liime
Butterfly Beauty Printed Linen Fabric
Claxton Street Stripe Fabric, turquoise
Cumberland Whisper Embroidered Fabric, seaglass
Bud vines silky fabric, aqua
Tropical Romance Printed Fabric
Regular price: $42.00
Sale price: $28.00
Elephant's Pavilion Scenic Print Fabric, mist
Moonstone Coral Fabric
Windsor Garden Embroidered Fabric
Blue Mist Linen Blend Fabric
Huntington Station Fabric, blue and plum
Genevieve Floral Print Fabric
Night in June Floral Print Fabric
Bluebird Toile Fabric
Regular price: $58.90
Sale price: $47.80
Wonder Zig Zag Fabric, blue
Blue Diamond Silk Fabric
Ribbed Velvety Chenille, blue
Blue Script Cotton Fabric
Bluestone Cotton Print Fabric
Regular price: $63.99
Sale price: $56.00
Shells in Blue Fabric
Regular price: $50.20
Sale price: $42.00
Barbados Ikat Fabric, blue
Modern Swirl Grid Fabric, ocean
Regular price: $69.80
Sale price: $56.44
Birch Woods Diamond Tapestry Fabric
Abbot Manor Scenic Cotton Print Fabric
Regular price: $42.00
Sale price: $37.20
Dynasty Tweed Fabric, red blue
Classic Moire Fabric, ivy green
Cyprus Key Tapestry Fabric, green
Ryan Washable Navy Fabric
Greek Key Chenille Fabric, deep sea blue