Exclusive Bedding, Drapery, and Designer Home Accents

Drapery (Curtain) Panels with trim and banding options

Exclusive designs made to order with the utmost sewing skill and professional methods.

Drapery panels are lined. All hems are folded double and blind stitched. Cotton flannel interlining and soft black out lining are available as options for most panels. Some pleated or very full draperies are not recommended with the bulk or stiffness of these high end linings. Please contact our designer for guidance.

We can make draperies of any fabric!

In this section, we have priced specific designs in certain fabrics; but you can have draperies, shades, and cornices made of any fabric in the fabric section. If you would like to look further, we may suggest other fabrics or offer supplier websites for you to browse. Email Design Nashville for courteous assistance for your decorating project.

See pricing for Drapery panels made with your choice of fabric

You may like to use a trim with your panels. See Fabric and Trim Combinations for Drapery . Also, our designer is available to offer selections of trim to coordinate with any fabric in our store for your approval.

For confident decision making, we recommend Ordering Swatches at this Link

Decorative Drapery Poles

Email Design Nashville for design quotes. We can usually make any design in another fabric. We are happy to schedule a time to chat with you about your project.

FabricAbout Drapery Fullness 1 width or 1.5 widths Drapery Panels Made with your choice of fabric
Snow and Ash Streaked Drapery Pair
Capri Blue Silk Draperies with border, standard fullness
Capri Blue Silk Draperies with border, deluxe fullness
Naturally Dashing Herringbone Drapery Pair
Fabrics and Trim Pairs for Custom Draperies Luxe Velvet Drapery Pair
Made to order Popular Print Pleated Drapery Pair
Madiera Terrace Damask Drapery Pair
Picardie Trellis Copper Embroidered Drapery Pair, copper
Kipling Estate Scenic Deer Drapery Pair
Graphite Geometrics Linen Blend Drapery Pair
Scottish Daybreak Medallion Drapery Pair
Scottish Highlands Linen Blend Drapery Pair
Elephant Tribute Embroidered Drapery Pair
Equestrian Red Lattice Drapery Pair
Success Story Drapery Pair, dark red
Century Silver Drapery Pair
Cabana Blue Ikat Drapery Pair, standard fullness
Regular price: $566.00
Sale price: $474.00
Imperial Velvet Draperies, woodrose
Purple Rain Damask Drapery Pair
Lavender Mist Draperies with braid and tiebacks
Bay Blue Drapery Pair with contrasting bottom section
Blush Silk Dupioni Drapery Pair, standard fullness
Deluxe Linen Drapery Pair with modern tassel trim, color buff
Tindale House Damask Print Drapery Antique Gold, standard fullness
Tindale House Damask Print Drapery Pair Antique Brass, deluxe fullness
Elegant Draperies with Tassel Trim and Tiebacks
Hill Country Linen Print Drapery Pair, standard fullness
Hill Country Print Drapery Pair, deluxe fullness
Bardsley Manor Drapery Pair, Pompeiian Red
Tuscan Vine Drapery Pair, navy
Ventura Cruz Geometric Drapery Pair
Sandy Cay Drapery Pair, red coral
Ventura Breeze Linen Blend Drapery Pair, standard fullness
Divani Embroidered Drapery Pair
Picardie Trellis Fuchsia Embroidered Drapery Pair, standard fullness
Picardie Trellis Embroidered Drapery Pair, deluxe fullness
Barnegat Blue Linen Print Drapery Pair
Cabbott's Break Drapery Treatment including Wood Hardware
Regular price: $1,064.00
Sale price: $899.00
Hill Country Brown Plaid Drapery Pair
Hill Country Brown Plaid Drapery Pair, deluxe fullness
Blue Coral Belgian Linen Print Drapery Panel, large scale
Meredith Floral Print Drapery Pair
Picardie Trellis Embroidered Fabric Aqua, standard fullness
Picardie Trellis Embroidered Drapery Aqua, deluxe fullness
Reinhardt Slate Drapery Pair Navy/Grey standard fullness
Reinhardt Slate Drapery Pair Navy/Grey, deluxe fullness
Vivienne Embroidered Drapery Panel
Elegant Draperies Lilac Damask Faux Silk, trim and tiebacks
Coastal France Drapery Panel
Chelsea Embroidered Drapery Panel
Hawaiian Sanctuary Geometric Sheer Drapery Panel
Charisse Linen Print Drapery Pair, deluxe fullness
Mariposa Manuscript Drapery Pair
Englishman's Pheasant Drapery Pair
Royal Heritage Pheasant Toile Drapery Panel
Montgomery Legacy Drapery Treatment
PAIR  Sir Walter Raleigh chocolate velvet drapery panels
Parisian Yellow Silk Drapery Pair
Bamboo Deluxe Drapery Pair
Chateau Sterling Drapery with banding and tassel trim
Walnut Grove Plantation Drapery Pair
Regular price: $940.00
Sale price: $820.00
Framed Songbirds Drapery Pair
Pinnacle Club Stripe Drapery Pair
Pearl River Whirling Lace Panels, 3 colors
Ahoy! Mate Drapery Pair
Sunlit Silk Drapery Pair
Zanadu Embroidered Drapery Panel
Made to Order Midnight Blue Striped Drapery Treatment
Lilac Damask Flounce Drapery Pair
Taffeta Roses Sheer drapery panel
Lapis Blue Paisley Drapery Pair
Riviera Embroidered Linen Drapery Panel
Rainforest Monkeys Drapery Pair
Sanctuary Villa Drapery Pair
Mon Cheri Floral Linen Drapery Pair
Floral Regalia Linen Drapery PAIR
Gatsby Drapery Panel, Left
Gatsby Drapery Panel Right
Marquette Heights Waterfall Valance Drapery Panel
French Lattice Draperies, top variations
Passport to France Drapery PAIR
Berry Red Formal Damask drapery pair
Bounteous Beauty Floral Print Drapery Pair
Outdoor Draperies