Exclusive Bedding, Drapery, and Designer Home Accents

Free Custom Bedding Designs using our featured fabrics

Free Custom Bedding Designs using our featured fabrics
We will design for you free of charge if we can begin with at least one main fabric or two coordinating accent fabrics featured in our online store. The design process is done primarily by email. We are available for a phone chat to launch your project.

Browse Espy Exclusive Collections designs inspired by the traditions of Europe

and Natalya and Ira Bedding

*Some materials within collections are limited stock to make the design sketched. Please inquire if a fabric can be ordered in sufficient quantity for the project you have in mind.

You may also like to shop Designer Fabrics for the Home and Fabric and Trim Combinations for Drapery Most fabrics shown individually in these sections may be special ordered as needed.

If you are interested in an design concept not shown online, please email us. We will let you know whether we can offer free design service or not. In some cases, implementing an idea can be so inefficient neither you nor we may want to pursue it. Here is an example: An elegant French country bedding in lavender toile and coordinating swirls or rose buds. While the idea is easy to envision, finding lavender fabrics of any kind is challenging. Open ended searches for materials we know to be scarce are not available, even for a fee. However, we are willing to make quick searches of our suppliers for materials to satisfy your unique project requirements.