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French Lattice Draperies, top variations

French Lattice Draperies, top variations
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French Lattice Draperies, top variations
Charming elegance of woven blue and ivory cotton/linen in a textured, thick weave. The French Lattice Draperies are easy coordinates with formal French fabrics as well as trendy rustic elegant decor. The background is a natural weave with textural variation. The lattice is soft chenille yarns in turquoise/ slate edged with a darker blue in matte yarn. Diamonds of the lattice are approximately 4" high.

Choose top styles and lengths. French pleats are three prong pleats with crisp folds
Goblet pleats look like a champagne flute and are pinched at the bottom
Wide tabs are 2.5" wide x 5.5" long to accommodate a 2" pole. Drapery droops between tabs
Tied tab top is shown at inset. This image depicts a deluxe fullness drapery. We would make the ties out of solid linen look turquoise fabric approximately matching the diamond lattice pattern.

Lining is poly/ cotton standard or 100% cotton sateen deluxe The French Lattice fabric is sufficiently thick for most purposes. We don't recommend interlining. Sateen interlining will provide approximately 75% light block. Black out lining is supple and long lasting. We prefer this fabric with some light penetrating the weave.

Side and bottom hems are rolled double and blind stitched. Pleats are consistent and reinforced by machine stitching.

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Draperies are made to order in the United States.