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Red, Purple Fabrics

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Any of the fabrics can be used in custom draperies and bedding. Design planning is free of charge! using any of our featured fabrics. email Design Nashville for courteous assistance.

Drapery panels made with your choice of fabric

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Plum Shadow trending color 2017New Fabrics Spring 2017Deluxe Linen
Coral Linen Fabric
Coming Up Roses Linen Print Fabric, rose pink
Picardie Trellis Embroidered Fabric, azalea
Cabana Couture Fabric, peony
Palladium Pink Geometric Tapestry Fabric
Summer Cottage Floral Fabric, rose
Fine Gauge Linen Fabric, pale pink
Natural Pink Geometric Fabric
Spectacular Roses Deluxe Cotton Fabric
Caribbean Pink Regalia Fabric
Summer Birdsong Fabric
French Lattice Tapestry, color red rouge
Natchez Trace Cotton Print Fabric, poppy red
Island Lattice Tapestry Fabric, red snapper
Regular price: $57.90
Sale price: $54.00
Sunday Morning Bouquet Fabric
Regular price: $39.20
Sale price: $36.60
Imperial Velvet Fabric, woodrose
Artisan Paisley Tapestry Fabric,  orange fuchsia
Walnut Orchard Print Fabric
Classic Silk, color henna
Painted Birds Linen Fabric
Regular price: $56.50
Sale price: $47.00
Red Lattice Embroidered Fabric
Fascination Streak Fabric, fire brick
Gardener's Delight Fabric, chocolate autumn
Regular price: $59.00
Sale price: $52.60
Kimberly House Floral Fabric
Ribbed Velvety Chenille, red
Dynasty Tweed Fabric, red blue
Bardsley Manor Fabric, jewel
Marsala Bohemian Fabric
Regular price: $59.00
Sale price: $48.00
Ghanzo Chic Fabric
Golden Horizon Silk Fabric
Imperial Damask, royal red
Floral Regalia Linen Fabric
Champion Red Printed Cotton Fabric
Canterbury Paisley Fabric
Firebrick Red Faux Linen Fabric
Cherry Timbers Print Fabric
Earth Wave Fabric, chili
Plum Wine Velvet
Purple Wine Coronation Fabric
Petite Woven Houndstooth Fabric, purple
Fine Gauge Linen Fabric, vintage lavender
Amethyst Garden Tapestry
Regular price: $51.20
Sale price: $48.60
Grape Frost Silk Fabric
Premium Faux Silk, eggplant
Premium Faux Silk, concord grape
Autumn Purple  Deluxe Faux Silk
Purple Passion Floral Print Fabric
Purple Shadow Ribbed Velvet
Spring Breeze Floral Print Fabric
Lavender Mist Faux Silk Fabric
Purple Rain Velvet Fabric
Batti Ikat Fabric, amethyst
Beaumont Chenille Damask Fabric, grape
Razzmatazz Stripe Tapestry Fabric
Purple Shadow Artisan Fabric
Regular price: $64.00
Sale price: $61.00
Tropical Romance Printed Fabric
Regular price: $42.00
Sale price: $28.00
Mink Violet Velvet
Supreme Velvet, bordeaux
Lavender Frost Linen Blend Fabric
Twilight Rose Ribbed Chenille Fabric
Razzmatazz Orchid Key Fabric
Regular price: $56.00
Sale price: $49.00
Woodland Blush Damask Print Fabric
Panama Sands Fabric
Regular price: $84.50
Sale price: $79.22
Marsala Exotic Chenille Fabric
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $42.00
Red Pepper Ikat Fabric
Brick Red Beauty Linen Blend Fabric
Abundant Roses Jacquard Fabric, vintage scarlet
Regular price: $42.60
Sale price: $20.20
Cordoba Chevron Tapestry Fabric, color chili pepper
Bardsley Manor Print Fabric, Pompeiian Red
Pomegranate and Green Ottoman Stripe Fabric
Regular price: $42.90
Sale price: $22.00
Nevada Reptile Faux Leather
Abbot Manor Scenic Cotton Print Fabric
Regular price: $42.00
Sale price: $37.20
Artisan Paisley Tapestry Fabric,  orange fuchsia