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Home Decorating Fabrics, Neutral

Fine Designer Fabrics usually 54" wide. Some are special purchases available for a limited time. Yardage Quantity must be entered after the fabric is placed in the shopping cart

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Email Design Nashville for quotes of custom items made of fabrics including duvet covers, comforters, draperies, soft shades, ottomans, and upholstered headboards.

Circles Matelasse, color sail white
Regular price: $49.00
Sale price: $43.00
Island White Faux Raw Silk Fabric
Ventura Breeze Linen Blend Fabric
Lines in the Sand Translucent Linen Fabric, 117" wide
Light Stone Linen Blend Fabric
Wellspring Embroidered Leaves Fabric, color natural
Dover White Geometric Fabric
Petite Leopard Chenille
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $63.90
Fascination Woven Fabric, color birch
Velvet Buds Embroidered Fabric, color ivory
Alabaster Linen Blend Fabric
Parisian Script Fabric, antique
Tuscan Homecoming Tapestry Fabric
Urban Oasis Fabric
French Quarter Linen Fabric
Dignity Embroidered Fabric, color fog
Swirling Leaves Jacquard Fabric, pewter
Silver Key Tapestry Fabric
Classic Lattice Fabric, color ash
Timeless Ribbed Fabric, ash white
Timeless Lattice Embroidered Fabric, stone
Devereux Tweed, color cinder white
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $62.60
Dream Tracker Embroidered Fabric
Regular price: $89.00
Sale price: $81.20
Amistad Textured Fabric, ash
Stormy Grey Hounds Tooth Fabric
Ochsner Palace Damask, chardonnay and gold
Blonde Linen Blend Fabric
Vintage Linen Blend, color birch
Summer Cottage Floral Fabric, ivory
Superior Velvet, color toast
Summer Cottage Floral Print Fabric, green
Venetian Lattice Embroidered Fabric, butter yellow
Shimmering Champagne Faux Silk
Pineapple Cay Embroidered Fabric
Pineapple Cay Diamond Fabric
Batti Ikat Fabric, yellow grey
Regular price: $53.40
Sale price: $46.60
Butterfly Beauty Printed Linen Fabric
Ribbed Chenille Fabric, goldenrod
Sunlit Stones Chenille Stripe Fabric
Tindale House Damask Fabric
Deluxe Faux Silk, brass
Renewal Ikat Fabric, grey yellow
Astor Place Chenille Chevron Fabric
Utopia Fabric, natural
Birch Compress Fabric
Sorbonne Scherzo Damask
Rainforest Monkeys Fabric
Tropical Wonder Woven Fabric
Rustic Beauty Fabric, briarwood
Riverbank Ikat Fabric
French Script Fabric
Regular price: $37.00
Sale price: $26.90
Utopia Fabric, walnut
Streaked Faux Silk, color frappé
Tuscan Damask fabric
Linen Ripple Fabric
Cosmopolitan Zebra Silk Fabric, color cream
Scottish Highlands Damask Chenille, gray
Knightsbridge Damask Bedding and Drapery CollectionRefinery Modern Fabric, charcoal
City Light Diamond Fabric
Regular price: $72.00
Sale price: $68.00
Black Ash Faux Raw Silk Fabric
Sublime Grek Key Fabric, coal
Zanadu Embroidered Art Deco Fabric
Palace Gates damask fabric
Black Lantern Chenille Fabric
Regular price: $88.00
Sale price: $72.00
Charcoal Faux Raw Silk Fabric
Shimmery Leopard Chenille Fabric, color steel
Regular price: $59.60
Sale price: $39.80
Century Rings Embroidered Fabric, color black
Composed Ovals Fabric, grey
Shimmering Grey Wonder Linen
Bistro Still Life Fabric
French White Linen Blend Fabric
Sedona Medallion Tapestry Fabric
Regular price: $52.00
Sale price: $46.60
Hexagon Chenille fabric
Velvet Buds Embroidered Fabric, color ivory