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There’s a Pole in the Middle of My Room!

I would like your advice on an awkward bonus room 20 x 22 ft. we have in the basement. The biggest problem we have is a pole almost in the middle of it. It is boxed in to look attractive, but it is in the way! We want to fit comfortable seating, a large tv, a game table, and an exercise machine. The lighting is very good. We have three windows and recessed lighting on dimmers. I like the trim which is a pretty off white. I would be interested in your ideas for a layout, color, fabrics, and drapery. I’m thinking of using a solid fabric with print pillows.

Wow! I was surprised to see these pieces working around the pole without huge sacrifice. We want to place the most important furniture so that it is seen when you enter the room, so I laced the sofa opposite the door and angled it toward the tv. The diagonally placed area rug runs parallel to the sofa and reaches into the other side of the room for balance. A tropical tree behind the sofa fills the gap and adds flavor. The exercise machine faces the tv, and there is room for a game table in the corner! Since your room is an all purpose basement one, I would not go with dark theater room colors or bright sunny day colors. I would choose medium tones that are easy going with a little zip (remember you want to exercise there) Here are a few trios. Avocado, Chestnut, Raisin. (The two browns create drama. The green is easy on the soul.) Turquoise, Brick Red, and Chocolate (Trendy with urban vibe.) Evergreen, cantaloupe, and mocha. (coffee shop colors perfected to be designer chic). Rather than a solid sofa, look for something that has an interesting weave but “reads” as a solid. It will be more durable and give you subtleties to tie in other elements of the room. A floor length window treatment is best to keep weight on the right side of the room where one window stands alone. A simple casual style is best. It can be just side panels from a pole. I like this color blocked style particularly in linen fabrics. A tropical leaf pattern on drapery would be stunning, too. As you make purchases, choose things which are casual with some energy since the room will be used for a variety of activities.