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Fine fabrics men love! Timeless menswear patterns such as paisley and hounds tooth as well as the most trendy solids and geometric designs. These home decorating fabrics are available in cut yardage and made into custom draperies, bedding, and upholstered furniture.

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Vintage Paisley Stripe, blue
Nautical Vines Embroidered Fabric, navy
Nautical Emblems Fabric, indigo
Regular price: $169.00
Sale price: $139.00
Davis Tweed Fabric, blueberry
Seaworthy Nautical Print Linen Fabric
Fascination Streak Fabric, fire brick
Mega Chenille Fabric, auburn
Regular price: $49.00
Sale price: $46.20
Classic Moiré Fabric, henna
Devon Summit Geometric Chenille Fabric
Pheasant Hill Tapestry Fabric
Rustic Beauty Fabric, briarwood
Berkshire Ikat Tapestry Fabric
Berkshire Herringbone Fabric, color thicket
Gloria Cotton Velvet, rust
Amistad Textured Fabric, ash
Pheasants at the Manor Fabric, light slate
Elegant Lattice Jacquard Fabric, lake mist
Malachite Green Stripe Fabric
Pheasants at the Manor Fabric, field
Classic Moire Fabric, ivy green
Pheasants at the Manor Fabric, charcoal
Regular price: $56.00
Sale price: $43.00
Traveler's Rest Chenille Fabric
Classic Moire Fabric, forest green
Reinhardt Slate Fabric
Petite Leopard Chenille
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $63.90
Ryan Washable Navy Fabric
Huntington Station Fabric, antique brass
Ribbed Chenille Fabric, goldenrod
Birch Compress Fabric
Superior Velvet, color toast
Wonder Linen Fabric, color walnut
Rutledge Faux Silk
Charcoal Faux Raw Silk Fabric
Refinery Modern Fabric, charcoal
Natural Black Stripe Fabric
Sublime Grek Key Fabric, coal
Classic Silk, color henna
Black Ash Faux Raw Silk Fabric
Ivy League Chenille Fabric
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $49.00
Ruby and Midnight Faux Silk Damask Fabric
City Light Diamond Fabric
Regular price: $72.00
Sale price: $68.00
Composed Ovals Fabric, grey
Devereux Tweed, color cinder white
Regular price: $69.00
Sale price: $62.60
Silver Key Tapestry Fabric
Shimmering Grey Wonder Linen
Stormy Grey Hounds Tooth Fabric
Gautier Stripe Fabric
Black Lantern Chenille Fabric
Regular price: $88.00
Sale price: $72.00
Othello's Chamber Silk Stripe Fabric
Mega Chenille Fabric, tarnished pewter
Deep Sea Faultline Fabric
Englishman's Pheasant Print Fabric, navy
Claxton Street Stripe Fabric, turquoise
Huntington Station Fabric, spruce
Faux Linen, color steel
Regular price: $61.60
Sale price: $56.50
Mandarin Grid Embroidered Fabric, color chocolate
Englishman's Pheasant Fabric, brown
Faux Linen, color grizzly bear
Cocoa and Coffee Stripe Fabric
Coffee Shop Stripe Fabric
Rum Island Print Fabric
Olympia Weave Fabric, color chocolate
Regular price: $82.00
Sale price: $76.00
Huntington Station Fabric, persimmon
Sublime Suede Fabric, color dark ash
City Light Diamond Fabric
Regular price: $72.00
Sale price: $68.00
Barbados Ikat Fabric, blue
Regular price: $52.00
Sale price: $47.60
Sublime Grek Key Fabric, coal