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Traditional and Oriental Rugs

Traditional and Oriental Rugs
This collection includes a few large scale designs and some borderless rugs. The common factor is traditional motifs such as paisleys, geometrics, Oriental stylized flowers. Formal and Casual are included as well as hand made and machine made. Rugs are in synthetic or natural fibers such as wool and seagrass. Quality is excellent at each price point.

Please click rug image to see options for sizes and pricing Pricing shown with images may refer to different sizes.

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Hampstead Rug, dark red
Shenandoah Valley Persian Rug
Regular price: $1,230.00
Sale price: $962.00
Pearl River Wool Rug, gray or powder blue
Caza Raphael Rug
Regular price: $4,680.00
Sale price: $3,889.00
August Sun Kilim Rug
Regular price: $1,190.00
Sale price: $988.00
Marrakesh Spice area rug
Toledo Kilim Wool Rug
Alexandria Wool Rug
Manasseh Kilim Wool Rug, cocoa
Providence Estate Rug
Reflections of Venice Rug, neutral
Hearth Red Kilim Rug
Lancaster Hall area rug
Auburn Elegance New Zealand Wool Rug
World Traveler's Rug, dark chocoate/ rust
Memories of Paris Rug
World Traveler's Rug, dark chocolate multi
Clydesdale Meadow oriental rug
Hakkari Garden Fine Wool Oriental Rug
Storyteller Kilim Wool Rug
Mariposa Oriental Rug, gold copper
Indian Summer Oriental Rug
Sun Storm rug
Harvest Windfall Oriental Rug
Precious Blue Floral Rug
Regular price: $1,280.00
Sale price: $912.00
Othello's Palace black area rug
Othello's Palace red area rug
Piazza Fresco Wool Rug
Carrington Manor Rug
Palace Sands Rug, fawn
Harvest Oriental Rug
Mendocino Heights Rugs, ivory gold
Saddle Springs Oriental Rug
Imperial Truffle Rug
Coventry Garden Rug, light gold black
Treemont Ridge Estate Rug
Diamante Rug, red
Quiet Splendor Rug, sand
Port Arthur rug
Palatial Hospitality Rug
Hampton Estate Rug
Hamptons Resort rug
Easy Oriental Black rug
Sea Harbor Romance Rug
Grand Salon Rug
Palace Jade and Gold Rug
Rosetta Star Rug
Regular price: $1,022.00
Sale price: $962.00
Avignon Floral Rug
Baltic Sea Treasures Fine Wool Rug
Hillsdale Manor Rug
Quiet Splendor Rug, red
Manassas Fine Wool Rug
Bar Harbor Truffle area rug
Brittany Floral area rug, fog
Normandie area rug
Hawthorne Fine Wool Oriental Rug
Holland Floral area rug
Balmoral Carmel Paisley area rug
Winter in Vale oriental area rug
Regular price: $2,560.00
Sale price: $2,390.00
Verona Oriental rug
Palazzo Verona area rug
Covington Manor yellow green rug
Castlegate Meadow Rug
Imperial Chocolate Cordial area rug
Dartmouth of Hanover area rug
Tuscany Garden Rug
Spring Time in Austria oriental area rug
Ellington Manor Rug
Salerno area rug
Ulcini Chocolate area rug
Palazzo Corsica area rug
Alexander Spice area rug
Morning Glow oriental rug
Forest Light Oriental Rug
Taj Turffle rug
Regular price: $890.00
Sale price: $815.00
Borderless Chocolate and Cordovan Oriental rug
Tuscan Red Oriental
Royal Chocolate Dynasty Rug
Covington Manor rug, coffee rust
Country Manor Rug
Biltmore Chocolate rug
Red Fantasia rug
Ancient Treasure Oriental Rug
Floral Delight Oriental Rug
Memories of Vienna area rug
Regular price: $1,572.00
Sale price: $1,499.00
Crestview Floral Rug, spice
Plaza Elegance oriental rug, red black
Vlore' area rug
Tiger Style area rug, chocolate
Crestview Floral area rug
Tropical Birds area rug
Sundown Soumak rug
Amber Wild Flower area rug
Roanoke oriental rug
Galveston oriental rug
Memories of Yellowstone area rug
Coventry Garden Rug, black
Bar Harbor Truffle area rug
Caza Raphael Rug
Regular price: $4,680.00
Sale price: $3,889.00