Sorbonne Scherzo  Damask Bedding: Opulent

Sorbonne Scherzo Damask Bedding: Opulent

Item# BT-sorbonneschens
Sorbonne: The building within the Latin Quarter of Paris, France which hosts the original Sorbonne University, the University of Paris and others

Scherzo: a musical term meaning a smaller piece within another typically the third of four movements with fast moving whimsical notes.

Here, the lyrical quality of the fleur de lis is the first surprise. The second is the lavish fringe on the edge of the duvet cover. Continuing through the design, fabric and classical trim combine in unique ways which delight the eye while delivering a refined opulent whole.

Click diagram below to see specs and fabric placement. Image above mimics the fabrics as seen from the side:duvet cover, fringe, skirt with band. The Sorbonne Scherzo damask reflects several shades of champagne, fawn, and pale bronze when seen from various angles. The fringe picks up the top note of the damask. Our photography tends to show the mid or dark tones.

Queen, Super Queen, King, Cal King, and Super King are the same price. Queen pillow sizes will be slightly reduced unless you prefer the larger. Design is made to order in approximately 6-8 weeks. Some materials need to be ordered.
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