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Abbot Manor Scenic Print Window

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Elegant English Manor style for today's upscale Tudor and Provincial style homes. Socializing ladies wearing red are depicted in a style inspired by the British colonies of the tropics. The antique coloring of the background links to the Antique Crest motif of the Abbot Manor damask fabric.

Drapery side panels are each approximately 78" wide to provide a luxuriously swooshed to the side look as drawn. Bottom hem is cut at an angle so that very little of the hem lifts off the floor when the drapery is pulled back. (Avoiding the traditional method of excessive puddling to achieve the same effect.) This helps the drapery weight hold the fabric in place as the weight rests on the tieback. Please select the height at which the drapery will appear on the wall (not the rod, but the tip top of the heading). We will add 6" puddle plus angle to this length to achieve the effect described.

Side and bottom hems are rolled double and blind stitched. Drapery is lined in our best 100% cotton sateen lining (the weight of summer khaki pants).

Top has a rod pocket for easy installation and a 3" heading. Valance fits on the same rod as the panels. The pattern height will match across all sections creating a fluid movement of the eye and a unified whole. Valance is 27" (recommended) for 8 ft ceilings, 31" for 9 ft ceilings. (This includes 3" heading and 2" pocket) to the longest point in the middle (before trim)

Coordinating Tassel Tiebacks are provided. Smoke and Antique Tiebacks have 10" single tassel in with subtly shaded color as in the fringe. Solid 10" blue tassel tieback coordinates with Vintage Red and Blue tassel fringe.

Measurements are provided for installers use. Installation difficultly level 2.

Other styles can be made with this fabric upon request.
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