Abbot Manor Trim Collection

Abbot Manor Trim Collection

Item# TES-abbotmanordr
Abbot Manor Collection combines a familiar cozy feeling with rich tradition. These trims are key elements in the Abbot Manor Bedding and Drapery Collection

Camel and Midnight tassel fringes shown at the top have matching braid, lip cord, brush fringe, tassels, and tassel tiebacks.

The Heirloom Ribbon tieback is one of our favorites. Because of the subtle colors, it coordinates with many golds and earthy tones.

Antique blue and red tassel trim and cording are rare designs showcasing colors as they would have been made with vegetable dyes. The blue tieback is not an exact match but is a good coordinate for the Abbot Manor Scenic Drapery as the print has several shades of blue. Blue tiebacks will have a more dramatic effect on the scenic fabric.

Email Us for custom work integrating these trims or cut yardage for your own use.

*nothing is for sale here. We have marked $1 so the image will enlarge.
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