About large scale custom swag

About large scale custom swag <br>treatments
Design Nashville specializes in large scale elegant swag treatments and custom window treatments. We can create treatments for tall windows and large configurations of windows that ship successfully across the globe to be installed beautifully at your destination.

We begin with an idea, loose sketches, approvals for materials. Once the idea is firm, our lead designer, Tanna Espy makes scale drawings to determine the exact specifications of the finished work so that patterns and instructions can be made. Some treatments require trial draping and unique patterns, but most require adapting existing patterns and plans. As you probably suspect, amount of "re-inventing" the wheel that goes into the job affects the labor cost. Rest assured that with 27 years of experience, we have considerable skill to put into the work.

Draperies like this one so large that we must seam fabric together to have enough material for the required swag radius. Raised swags won't conform to patterns easily, so we make rough patterns and then drape the swags by hand so that each curve is beautifully placed into a pleasing overall shape and each fold is not only incrementally correct, but fluid and beautifully positioned so that they appear to fall over the board rather than being caught by staples.

Treatments like this are made in segments. Mounting boards stack on one another so that hardware doesn't obscure the dimensions.

We include detailed instructions and specifications for installation so that your installer doesn't have to reverse engineer our design. Even though our instructions prescribe the placement of each element rather than the measurements of the finished treatment, we do not recommend installing this yourself. For tall treatments and swags made in segments, you will want a professional installer with tall ladders and an array of industry specific tools. An installation for one swag treatment 14-20 feet high takes a minimum of 1.5 hours. This example is intended for an arched window 12.5 feet high. It can be installed in 3 parts in about an hour.

There is no charge to chat with you about your project. If we can begin with a fabric shown online and a general idea of the style, there is no design fee for planning and sketching 1-3 ideas. A deposit is required before scale drawing and ordering materials. Contact us to get started.
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