Allaire Maison Drapery Treatment

Allaire Maison Drapery Treatment

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Elegant French style updated for today's trends.

Allaire Maison drapery treatment features a scalloped top treatment of exquisitely embroidered linen with contrasting soft white sections as pleats on the corners and separate under layer (seen as a vertical section) on the face of the valance. Lavish tassel trim in shades of soft white and stone emphasize the lovely curving shape.

Drapery panels made of a coordinating, thicker linen blend have full body and just a flicker of highlights that echo the lighter shade of the embroidery. Our designer's sketch shows the draperies puddling 1.5" on the floor which means that outer portion of the drapery will puddle while the swoop gradually lifts the drapery off the floor. You may choose to puddle more, but we don't recommend eliminating the puddle all together, because having some part of the hem touch the floor helps the drapery stay put rather than sliding past the hold back.

Please choose fullness of the drapery panels. Standard is 1 width each side or approximately 49". Deluxe fullness is 1.5 widths or approximately 78". You may like to read About Drapery Fullness

The holdback provides a clean yet authentic way to shape the drapery. See the inset photo. Tassel tiebacks matching the tassel trim are optional. (tassels are approximately 10" long, one to each tieback)

This treatment is hand and machine made in our professional drapery workroom in the United States. We are happy to alter this design for you or make an original custom design for your space. Email Design Nashville for courteous assistance.
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