Bavarian Chateau Bell Swag <br>Treatment

Bavarian Chateau Bell Swag

Item# DES-barvarianbellswag
The swirl fabric is discontinued, but we can find something similar for you. Contact us for customer service and to order this or any custom bedding or drapery. Modifications to the design can be made too.

Bavarian Chateau Bell Swag Treatment features scrolling French-Italian acanthus leaf patterning of faux silk and contrasting ribbed taffeta all in shimmering neutral silver to champagne tones.

In this design, swags alternate with bells creating a swinging bottom edge of the top treatment and attached jabots. We have planned three deep folds to show off the best attributes of the damask fabric. Ribbed taffeta faux silk makes a contrasting cuff at the top. Backs of bells and jabots are the main fabric. The bottom edge is finished with cording covered with the Taffeta ribbed faux silk for a beautifully defined finish.

Choose your desired width for the treatment. This design is appropriate for long running treatments and proportions other than what are sketched. Please contact us for variations.

Side panels are shirred on a rod that is provided. Please select your desired length. Be sure to make at least 4" of drapery go under your valance or you will see the curtain rod.

Bavarian Chateau Bell Swag Treatment is professionally hand and machine made to the highest designer standards in the United States. Order online or contact us to order with a deposit.
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