Bedding Terminology

Bedding Terminology

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Design Nashville Bedding Terminology

Mattress sizes and bedding vary by manufacturer to be near the following standards:
Twin 38 wide 75 long
Twin X Long 38 wide 80 long
Full 53 wide 75 long
Queen 60 wide 80 long
King 76 wide 80 long
Cal King 72 wide 84 long
In general, super queen and super king bedding sizes are made with longer drops (from top of mattress) usually 18 to accomodate pillow top mattresses and tall beds. Please call if sizing is not included in the item description or linked to size specifications page. Some bedding can be custom sized at no additional charge. Others require surcharges.

Bed covering types

Bedspread Floor length , or past half way length bed covering of light to medium weight woven with one side as face or quilted with one fabric as face and backed with inexpensive lining. All sides are hemmed.

Bedspread with attached shirrred skirt A revived romantic style very popular now. Bed covering has two distinct divisions: the quilted section fitting the top of the mattress and the shirred skirt which attaches to the quilted section and drops to the flooor. Skirt is unlined to make greater fullness possible. Skirt may be made of a second fabric. Cording may be used between quilted section and skirt. Quilted section may be oversized to fall off the top of the bed for a casually elegant look. Top of the covering is hemmed and bottom of skirt are hemmed. Raw edges of skirt and center section at seam are overlocked. These edges neat but visible from the back side.

Bedcap Bedcover fitted at the foot, usually quilted and hemmed on sides. Three fill options are available: 1/4 cotton (can be made unquilted guaranteed not to wad or tear) 5 oz polyfill, or 9 oz polyfill (standard). Drop from top of mattress is critical when fitting platform beds. Measurements of bed with intended sleeping covers in tact are important. Our bedcaps can be made to custom sizes. Because of the exacting fit intended, bedcaps are not easily transferred from one bed to another.

Cake Top Ultra lofty bedcap made with 12 oz fill with a small amount of quilting either in dashes, crosses, circles, or button tufting to allow for puffiness of fabric between tacked areas. Cake tops should be made with light weight fabric having tight, durable weave. While the bed covering appears airy, it is fairly heavy. Extra care in moving the bed covering is recommended to increase durability of quilted or tacked fabric. A poly/cotton blend is ideal. Sides are hemmed. Fit is important but less critical than the bed cap as the extra fill camoflages size differences. Backing can be ivory, khaki, or black cotton sateen or upgraded to a decorative fabric.

Comforter Reversible, quilted bed cover with medium to high loft. Sizing is never to the floor and varies widely by manufacturer. Fabric covered cording or manufactured lip cording is often used on all four sides. Polyfill is permanently quilted between two decorative layers of fabric. One side is typically more decorative than the other.

Coverlet By bedding industry standards a coverlet is a thin, woven (see Birch Creek Bedding for wool coverlets)or quilted bed covering, generously sized and containing extra length for tucking sleeping pillows. However, currently, the term is commonly used for a quilt which covers the sheets and coordinates with the duvet cover or comforter with which is is paired. Take care to select a coverlet which ideally sized for your purposes. Custom coverlets can be made to any size and can include reverse shams.

Duvet Cover Cover originally intended to be used with a duvet for sleeping (feather down comforter with plain white cover) which is inserted via an opening which can be a button placket or zipper closure. Today, many duvet covers are not used for sleeping, but the ability to change covers for a single insert is appealing. Light - heavy weight fabrics are used. Also, in some climates, the duvet is removed in summer for a lighter covering. Decorative fabrics are used on both sides. The back fabric is typically less ornate than the front. Fabric covered cording or manufactured twisted or braided lip cording is usually sewn in the seams of three sides for durability and to prohibit viewing the back side when the bed is dressed. Sizing varies with bedding maker and tends to correspond with Old World sizing of duvets more than to current sizes of beds. Typically, a queen duvet cover will not cover all blankets and sheets used with a luxurious American made mattress. Order super queen and super king for most traditional beds. (Platform beds are exceptions) The duvet and duvet cover may shift positions leaving gaps between the duvet and duvet cover edge. This is normal and acceptable contributing to the luxurious loft of the cover.

Luxury Cover Design Nashville exclusive bed covering which is a hybrid of types providing moderate pricing with luxurious standards. Quilted in simple dashes which alternate position in each row using 9 oz hypoallergenic poly fill using one decorative fabric and best grade solid sateen ivory, khaki, or black cotton back fabric. Upgrade to a coordinating solid color is available. All sides are hemmed. Sizing is generous for all bed types: 16 drop on twin, full, queen, and king sizes. 18 drop on super queen and super king sizes. Each size contains an additional 3 of length for covering the typical gap between mattress and headboard or thick blankets. Example: super queen is 60 +18+18 = 96 wide, 80+18+3= 101 long. Custom sizing is available.

Quilt Medium thickness quilted (stitching connects two layers of fabric with batting in between. Batting is usually polyester but can be cotton) bed covering to be used for sleeping or decoration, usually with one side more decorative than the other. Usually with geometrically repeating quilt motifs. Designs may be made by piecing various fabrics together. Edges are usually wrapped with banding or seam binding and stitched on both sides after quilting process. Sizes and quality vary tremendously. Take care to select the size appropriate for the function you intend. All Design Nashville quilts are machine stitched for durability.

Bedcovering Extras

Slit / Gusset: flap of fabric used behind a slit for corners. Generally used by those wanting a tailored look. Keep in mind that mattresses always have rounding from top to bottom and left to right. Slits will always hang away from the corner. Gussets mearly cover the mattress under the slit.

Split corners Used to go around posters. Recommended for bed skirts. Slits on bed coverings will hang away from the corner. Slit will begin lower than the corner. Blankets will likely show. We require written acknowledgement of these issues for bedcoverings with slits.

Braid and other linear trim Recommended at the seam where two fabrics join or for decorative element. Priced upon request. Consider flat braid along the lower edge of bed skirts for a unique look.

Pillow tuck This is simply extra length which is used to go under and over sleeping pillows. Available on any custom made covering.

Reverse Sham Bedcovering of normal length has additional section sewn to the top which comes back toward the foot to cover sleeping pillows. Typically, the edge is hemmed and not tucked under the pillows to maintain a smooth line on the sides of the bed. Available on custom made bedspreads and coverlets. Not available on duvet covers and comforters.

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