Belvedere Chateau Bedding Ensemble Original

Belvedere Chateau Bedding Ensemble Original

Item# BES-belvederechateauens
This awe inspiring design drawn fro the traditions of northern Europe is amazingly durable! Trendy touches of color and accents add fresh appeal to the Old World pattern.

Belvedere Chateau Damask is woven in pearlescent white chenille motif in raised cut velvet pattern on matte biscuit toned background. This fabric will withstand spot cleaning with brush, mild soap, and water. Belvedere Velvet and Bavarian and Faux linen/silk solid fabrics are also soil and wrinkle resistant.

Ensemble includes: 2 Euro Pillows 26Qn 27 Kg Bavarian Tan faux linen/silk pleated center, braid accent horizontally and around face of pillow, Belvedere Damask flange 2.25"
1 Euro Pillow 26 Qn or 27 Kg Belvedere Taupe Velvet center, Belvedere Chateau Damask flange 2.25", braid in two concentric rows on face of pillow
2 Oversized pillows (larger than sleeping pillows) Qn or Kg Belvedere Damask with 3.25" tassel fringe around all sides
1 Envelope pillow 16 x 22 Qn or 17x24 Kg Belvedere Damask pillow with Scalloped flap of Bavarian Tan with braid along the edge and tassel at center, Twisted Cording on all sides
1 Bed covering in your choice of duvet cover or twinkle (like plus signs) tacked comforter 9 oz, Twisted cording on 3 sides. Zipper/ flap closure near the foot, on back.
1 Bed Skirt Bavarian Tan faux linen/ silk, lined. Choose either tailor pleated (one pleat in center of each side) or box pleated (8 box pleats per side 6 at foot queen 7 at foot king)

Custom coordinates are available upon request.

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