Bernadette Blue Drapery Treatment

Bernadette Blue Drapery Treatment

Item# BES-D42428
Bernadette Blue Drapery Treatment features a beautiful floral print of two bright blues on linen in a controlled and elegant design. The look is fresh and and up to date, appropriate for the trendiest grey and stone colored walls. Please note that the drawing and yardage are proportioned for ceiling heights of 9 feet and higher. Contact us for adaptations to the design.

Each element is hand cut to center within the element, match at the seams, and match from piece to piece.

The scalloped top treatment combines the best of box pleating and scalloped shaping. Each section is curved to create an overall lovely shape that is longest in the middle. Box pleats define the shape and provide some swing to both the top and bottom edges. The valance is fastened through the front of the fabric to the mounting board behind the decorative, beaded tape approximately 5" from the top. The box pleats are fastened so that they open somewhat both at the top and bottom. The decorative border tape is velvety with navy bead work influenced by the Arts and Crafts era of the early 20th century. Thick and luxurious tassel trim is 4" long comprised of three shades of blue and natural white, sewn across the bottom edge and in the pleats. Clearance to the wall is 5.5".

Side panels are made with rod pockets for easy installation. A rod is provided. Clearance to the wall is 3.5". Please choose either standard fullness or deluxe fullness ( approximately 77" before shirring on the rod). We recommend a length that includes 2" extra on the floor for the pulled back style sketched. Fabric tiebacks are contoured as sketched and trimmed with the beaded border and fabric covered piping around all edges.

This drapery pair is hand and machine made to order in the United States using the highest professional standards. Drapery panels are fully lined with deluxe grade ivory lining. Side hems are rolled double 1.75" and blind stitched. Bottom hems are rolled double 4 inches and blind stitched. Pleats are mathematically correct and precise.

Email Design Nashville for assistance in planning your custom drapery.

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