Box pleated and sunburst swag

Box pleated and sunburst swag
This design is very versatile and can even go tropical. Dramatically contrasting fabrics are appropriate whether patterned or solid. The swaging sunburst can be sheer or any well draping fabric such as velvet.

An arch window is not necessary. In fact, we use it to imply an arch! The proportions of this design look best when the treatment is taller than it is wide. Ideally, the ceiling height will be at least 10 feet. he treatment doesn't have to mount at the ceiling. A double arching configuration can be made for wider windows. We like this design as a focal point or in a row such as in a ballroom. Side panels can hang freely or tied bak, and they can be trimmed with banding or tassel trim.

This treatment ships to you. Installation and delivery is available in the greater Nashville area.

Email Design Nashville to plan this style for your room.

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