Castella Lucia Bedding Ensemble v.1

Castella Lucia Bedding Ensemble v.1

Item# BES-castellalucia1
Moody and Rich as an Italian Renaissance bedding, yet clean and fresh with trendy grey for today!

Castella Lucia Bedding features a high low chenille damask in shades of maroon and brick red. Key accents are the vine motif beaded trim in grey and the luxurious grey silk skirt. The mitered stripe pillow provides energy and brightness to the ensemble.

This design is professionally hand and machine made to the highest designer standards. The fabrics are cut and sewn to match at the seam and match from piece to piece. Only matching thread is used. All stress points are reinforced, and seams are finished with overlocking stitches then pressed.

Bedding ensemble includes:
2 Rectangular Pillows
Extra large Maroon Chenille with 2.5" flange on all sides, Beaded grey border sewn on the face close to the seam that creates the miter. Pillows are taller than sleeping pillows. (20 x 27 inches SQ plus flanges, 21 x 31 plus flanges" SK) Polyfil inserts are included.
1 Mitered PillowBlack, grey, white stripe with 4.5"black tassels in each corner. Poly insert is included.
1 Bed Covering in your choice of duvet cover or tacked comforter. Maroon Damask Chenille with 3/16" piping of Midnight Silk on three sides for duvet cover, 4 sides on comforter. Duvet cover has a zipper/ flap closure near the foot on back. Comforter is filled with 6 oz. polypill and quilted in small circles on an alternating grid formation.
1 Optional bed skirt Shirred Silk Midnight Grey ivory lining, deluxe cotton decking 2.25-2.5 x fullness

This bedding is an original design by Tanna Espy. Email Design Nashville for quotes on customization and coordinates.

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