Catriona's Garden Rug, ocean reflection

Catriona's Garden Rug, ocean reflection

Item# RLO-ZL-02oceansilver
The head-turning Catriona's Garden Rug revitalizes traditional patterns into a modern foundation. Floral and paisley motifs are depicted loosely. The pattern revolves around the center, flowing into a diamond shape. Having the pattern run off the edges (rather than to a border) makes the rug seem larger, and it encourages the viewer to make a sweeping view of your space thereby making the space appear larger as well.

Beautiful, layered colors include blue, deep sea, ivory, and silver.

100% polypropylene fiber is extremely durable, soft, and lends a subtle luster.

Available sizes: 7ft 5" x 10ft 5"
9ft x 12ft 2"

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