Chateau Drapery Treatment I

Chateau Drapery Treatment I

Item# DES-chateau1
Available in several fabric/ trim combinations shown below.

Impeccably detailed with elegant, French proportions. This design can be made with many fabrics including linen, faux linens, velvet, prints, or any light-medium weight fabric. We will mail a swatch for your approval when you order a solid linen. Or Order Swatch at this linkbefore drapery order.

The top treatment has two swags and three bells. Short jabots taper to a point on the ends. The finished width of the top treatment can range from 42-55". We recommend a width 6-10" greater than the window. The drop of the swag portion can range from 19-26". We recommend longer drops for taller ceilings. 23" drop is standard for 9 ft ceilings. The bottom edge of the top treatment is trimmed with tassel trim having a decorative gimp which is sewn on top of the fabric (not in the seam). French oval ornaments embellish the top treatment at the top of each bell.

Side panels taper toward the outside and are planned to slightly puddle on the outer corners. Length should be the height of the window plus 6 inches or more. The rod holding the side panels will be hidden under the top treatment.

Tassel tiebacks elegantly pull the drapery back as shown. Instructions for placement will be provided.

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This treatment is professionally made to order in the United States. Shipping to all locations. Linen will require ironing before installation. Other materials may be slightly steamed or touched up with an iron.

Order Swatch at this link

Email our designer for assistance with custom options for this design
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