Chelsea Embroidered Drapery PAIR

Chelsea Embroidered Drapery PAIR

Item# DN-chelseapanel
Enjoy beautiful harmony of shape, variations of almond color, and texture in this flowing geometric embroidered drapery. Chelsea Embroidered drapery panel is of poly/ viscose blend for a natural yet subtly shimmering ground. Embroidery is of rayon offering a higher sheen. The drapery is fully lined. Hems are rolled double and blind-stitched. Side hems are approximately 1.5". Bottom hems approximately 4". Lining floats freely at the bottom for a fine, custom quality drapery.

The finished width before shirring on the rod of a standard fullness drapery is approximately 49". The finished width before shirring of a deluxe fullness drapery is approximately 75". Grommets create 3 large folds in standard fullness, 5 large folds in deluxe fullness. Grommets are antique nickel finish.

Variations are available upon request.

* Deluxe fullness is available only when you order even numbers of panels, because each panel uses half a width of fabric. The other half width must be used in a second panel for the pricing posted to be in effect. (i.e.:order 2, 4, 6 panels) Single width panels may be ordered in odd quantities (i.e. 1,3,5,7 etc.

Drapery is professionally hand made in the United States. Lead time varies. Typical lead time is 4 -6 weeks.
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