Classical Swags with long, tailored jabots

Classical Swags with long, tailored jabots
This photo shows classical European swags in the preferred Colonial American proportions, ideal for windows 28-31" wide and 68-76" long.

This style is available in a wide range of fabrics. Most medium weight fabrics work nicely. If there is no trim on the edges as in this example, a crisp fabric such as a linen or cotton would be ideal. In humid conditions, the front fabric and the back fabric of the jabot may expand and contract differently. We prefer to use the same fabric or the same KIND of fabric on the jabot backs.

Trim, sewn through all layers prevents the jabot edge from rolling. However, it will add bulk to the edge. Some blousing out of the jabots should be expected.

We can change the jabot style to be less tailored if blousing of a thick fabric or edge is a concern.

Pricing is $990-1380 for this style made in most fabrics. Shorter jabot lengths costs less.

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