Custom Bedding by Tanna Espy,

Custom Bedding by Tanna Espy,
Beautiful in all styles and number of pillows, custom bedding by Tanna Espy is highly personalized!

This example makes the most of a three pillow ensemble for a queen bed in the fabric placement and color contrast. These materials are priced slightly lower than average, but you would never now it. Faux silks aren't what they used to be! Streaked fabrics and two toned trims bring traditional elegance to the pattern mix.

The front pillow is representative of our expert quality workmanship. The difficulty level of the piece work is much higher than average, because the pattern is made of many elements that need to be positioned perfectly for the diamond and the banding to be centered and consistent. The narrow braid is carefully machine sewn providing exceptional durability in addition decorative emphasis.

* Please excuse our low light photography. We photographed this late in the afternoon at the customer's home when we installed. The golden wash across the bedding skews the color and the detailing somewhat. The back pillows are as bold as the front one, although they are simpler.
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