Custom Tab Top drapery pair

Custom Tab Top drapery pair

Item# DTabTp
Fabric droops casually between tabs. This style can be used for a drapery that is intended to open and close. "Drag" will occur between pole and tab. The higher up the pole is in relation to the user, the more difficult it will be to move the drape. A pole and ring operation is typically easier.

5 tabs on 51" wide 7 on 78" wide. Tabs are 3.75 inches long 1.5 inches wide. If you would like another size, please specify with your order. There is no additional cost.

Side hems double 1.75" Bottom hem double 4" all hemming blind stitched.

LIning is smooth ivory cotton sateen, heavy weight.

Width may vary depending on the width of your fabric. These measurements are for the typical 54" width fabric: 1 width each side or 1.5 widths each side. We do not recommend single width draperies using fabric less than 54" wide. Please order the 78" no matter what your width when you want to receive a width and a half. The difference between widths is not how much space the drapery covers from left to right on the wall, but how many and how deep the folds will be within that space.

Please request weights if desired. We do not routinely use them as they inhibit the puddling of fabric.

Shipping instructions for fabric will be sent to you after your order is placed.

Please send 6 yards for 51" width draperies up to 96" long. 6.5 for longer

Send 9 yards for 78" wide up to 96" long 10 yards for longer.

Additional fabric will be required to match patterns. Allow two pattern repeats for 51" wide, 3 pattern repeats for 78" wide. Any fabric shop should be able to help you with the calculation.

Please call 615-601-0552 for designer help.
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