Custom Made Jacquard Fabrics and Bedding

Custom Made Jacquard Fabrics and Bedding
Did you know that we can have fabric and trim made just for your room?

We work with several artisans that dye, print, weave, and create beautiful custom textiles. This English historic home featuring blue silk damask that was created just for the room. Historic motifs in architecture, wall coverings, and textiles can be interpreted or copied for new woven fabrics, or we can work with the weaver to make motifs unique to your fabric.

On most designs feature semi-exclusive materials to maintain moderate pricing. In addition, we have vast resources of designer exclusive and historical fabrics (most have paid royalties to historic homes in order to recreate or draw from historic wall coverings and textiles) available for your projects.

Email Design Nashville to talk about your custom project. We are happy to set aside a time to chat with you by phone.
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