Diagram for arranging art on a stairway wall beside a TV

Diagram for arranging art on a stairway wall beside a TV
This is a diagram made for our client who selected three horizontal landscapes of slightly different sizes to go on a wall that contains a tv offset from the center (in order to center with the fireplace and seating).

Notice that the negative space between the paintings is attractive. Generally speaking, the three paintings are scattered from the place where one very large vertical piece might be. Imagine drawing a vertical rectangle that takes in half of each horizontal.

The lowest piece goes furthest away from the tv, because we don't want it to compete with the program. Also, in this case, that piece is closest to the foyer. It will be seen first by guests.

You can make a practice arrangement with colored paper by measuring out one inch on the paper for every foot of wall space. Or, you can use brown shipping paper in the actual size of your art and tape on the wall. We prefer planning where the art will be mounted before purchasing whenever possible.

If you are purchasing three or more of our art or wall decor pieces, our designer will make a scale diagram for you free of charge at your request.
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