Essence Luxury Bedding Ensemble

Essence Luxury Bedding Ensemble

Item# BNI-essenceluxens
The Essence Luxury Collection features some of the newest innovations in fabric: subtle sheen similar to raw silk, metallic embossed pattern, geometric motifs, and alluring subtle color.

The Essence Bedding Ensemble is of heirloom quality sewing. Fabrics are hand cut to center within the piece and match from piece to piece. Seams and stress points are reinforced. Fabric edges are finished with overlocking seams even if they are not visible in the finished work. Pillows include poly inserts and zipper closures.

The accent pillow can be made with fabric B or D. (Fabrics A and D are from the same collection, having the same texture and sheen so that they coordinate well even with different patterns and color).

The lowest pricing is when all pillows and bed covering are trimmed in fabric covered cording. We have planned fabric B, but C is available upon request. Trim options listed are:
1 all fabric covered cording. 2. Brush fringe on Euro Pillows only and 1/4" fabric covered cording on all pillows and duvet cover.
3. Brush fringe on Euro Pilows and Manufactured 3/8" twisted cording on all pillows and duvet cover.

Ensemble includes:
2 Qn or 3 Kg Euro Pillows
fabric C Ribbed Faux Silk (is more shimmery and smooth than our image has captured) 27x27
1 Contrasting Euro Pillow Fabric B or D 25"
2 Up-sized Pillows Fabric A (larger than sleeping pillows) 20x29 Qn, 21x31 Kg
1 Bed covering Fabric A front, with a coordinating decorator's fabric of neutral solid or nearly solid on back. Choose from three types of bed covering:
1. duvet cover having cording on three sides and zipper closure near foot on back
2. Tacked comforter with 9 oz poly fill with cording on 4 sides
3. Coverlet (not quilted) with cording on three sides. Coverlet can be made without filler, but is standard with 3/16" seamless cotton fill. (similar to interlining) At times the three layers may move independently of one another, but cotton fill is approved for every day use even without quilting. (coverlet does not include extra fabric known as "pillow tuck" )
1 Optional bed skirt Fabric B Faux Raw Silk is tailor pleated (pleat in the center of each side and foot) split at corners. lined with your choice of lengths. Alternative styles are available upon request.
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