European Decorating: Unmatched Wall and Furniture

European Decorating: Unmatched Wall and Furniture
This gorgeous room is preserved by the National Trust organization Basildon Park in Berkshire, England

This is an excellent example of unmatched furnishings and wall color in the English tradition. Red walls set the mood and show off the masterful paintings while rug and seating provide gentile serenity appropriate for comfortable conversation.

Enjoy a scene from Downton Abbey: Lady Mary Crawley is disappointed by the empty mansion that is to be her wedding gift.

While I hope this illustration serves to expand your design expectations, I should say that the colors and personality of the walls and furniture in this example are too far apart for me personally. Isn't it wonderful to have pictures to help establish boundaries BEFORE you make significant purchases? You may enjoy examples from Design Tips Newsletter sent once/ month. Subscribe to DesignNashville's newsletter at the link. Only your email and zip code are required. We never share or sell your information.

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