Favreau Bronze and Titanium Drapery Treatment

Favreau Bronze and Titanium Drapery Treatment

Item# DRES-favreau
Opulence and impeccable taste! This treatment uses premium fabrics and trimmings for a stunning yet refined look. This drapery treatment is made to order. It can be adapted for your space.

Favreau Bronze Damask is used in the swag portion and side jabots of the top treatment as well as the main fabric of the drapery panels of 1.5 widths each. Smokey Textured Silk makes lovely gathered bell/ flounces between swags. Bronze Metallic Chenille comprises the lower contrasting section of the panels and hem.

Favreau Chateau Tassel Fringe defines the scalloping edge of the top treatment. This is a premium trim. A lower priced trim could save $200. Please email for options. We recommend the top treatment width 8-20 inches greater than the window allow glass of the window to remain exposed. We can make an additional swag for wider windows, however the proportion is more accurately French as drawn.

Our designer's sketch is scaled for a 9 ft ceiling height. This treatment can be made for ceilings between 8 and 10 feet. Modifications would need to be made over 10 feet. We will select a length for the top treatment in proportion to the drapery length ordered. If you would like to specify the length, please choose a length between 20" and 28". This measurement is from the top of the ornament to the lowest point of the swag. Side panels have 2.5" rod pockets for ordinary curtain rod which hides under the top treatment. Length should be the height from the top of window to floor plus 2-4" puddle plus at least 3 inches above the window.

We recommend the treatment mounted close to the crown moulding or ceiling with breathing room as seems appropriate.

Drapery width: Standard equals 1 width each side or approximately 50". Deluxe is 1.5 widths each side or approximately 76". We recommend standard fullness when hanging straight. Deluxe fullness provides more folds and deeper folds when hanging straight or is sufficient to swoop back into tiebacks or holdbacks.

Ornamental oval cartouches in metallic/taupe finish are provided. Ornaments are not functioning as hold backs. Top treatment is permanently stapled to boards made for the treatment.

This design can be customized or made with other materials. Two alternatives are shown below. Email Design Nashville for quotes or an appointment to chat about your project by phone.

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