Favreau Titanium and Bronze Bedding Ensemble

Favreau Titanium and Bronze Bedding Ensemble
Contact for custom bedding made of these fabrics.

Lavish classical fabrics and trimmings in copper bronze and titanium combine for an astounding one of a kind design!

Pillows are filled with high quality polyfil and have flap/ zipper closures. Sewing and detail work are excellent throughout.

Ensemble includes:
2 Euro pillows 27" Favreau Bronze Damask
fabric, smoke brush fringe
1 Euro pillos 27" Favreau Bronze Damask, Dark Titanium Beaded Cording, Antique Tit, Bronze and Dark Titanium Metallic Braid
2 Oversized rectangular pillows Titanium and Bronze Metallic Damask Metallic Pebble Tapestry on outer sections, Dark Titanium Beaded Braid vertically between fabrics, Dark Titanium Beaded Cording 21x30 Queen 22x34 King
2 Pillows 16" square Metallic Pebble Tapestry, Frieze Brush Fringe antique nickel, sterling, and bronze
1 Jeweled Pillow Carmel Bronze Silk, Jeweled Accent 5" at center, Dark Titanium Beaded Cording 1 Duvet Cover or Comforter Favreau Damask face, Titanium or neutral back, Braid Bronze and Dark Titanium Metallic 7/8" sewn around three sides 5" from edge, Dark Titanium Beaded Cording on 3 sides.
1 Shirred Bed Skirt Optional fabrics: Favreau Slubbed Faux Silk, Pongee Faux Silk, Titanium Silk (Email our designer for pleated velvet skirt. Velvet availability varies) 1 Optional Throw 53 x 84" Smokey Taupe Damask Chenille main, Carmel Bronze Chenille band, Icey Taupe Velvet back. Dark Titanium Beaded Cording on all sides, Dark Titanium Beaded Braid at each end of face between fabrics, Beaded Tassels at corners.
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