Fire, Snow, and Water Home Furnishings

Fire, Snow, and Water Home Furnishings
If you love aqua or turquoise but not the trend to use it with brown or lighter blue greens, think about red! Clear, true red is wonderful paired with turquoise. See photos of a kitchen I designed 8 years ago before aqua ever hit mainstream! In this particular example, the red is strong, and the turquoise is on the smokey aqua side of things. The draperies contain some turquoise and aqua while the warm white cabinets link the two.

The darker the turquoise the easier it is to pair with rich colors.

Other colors you can use with turquoise for a richer look: peacock, deep sea blue, oxblood, burnt pumpkin, henna, raisin, charcoal, dark mustard, acid olive. The trick is watching the undertone and the proportions of each color.

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