Hope Island Sky Drapery Treatment

Hope Island Sky Drapery Treatment

Item# DRNI-hopeislandsky
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Sky blue linen is accented beautifully by a woven band of intertwined blue and spice colors. The Hope Island Sky Window Treatment includes a top treatment, pair of drapery panels, and curtain rod. A tassel of at least 5" coordinating with the braid accents the center as sketched.

The top treatment is shirred upward in the center and also at the corners. The treatment is stapled to a covered wooden board with sides or legs. The treatment is neatly finished, revealing no lining or raw edges when viewed in the room. Fullness of the top treatment is approximately 2.2x the finished length creating many folds as shown in the photo and sketch here. Decorative braid is sewn approximately 1.5" before the bottom edge of the top treatment. The top treatment will be mounted on 1x6 boards. The curtain rod provided will clear 3". If your window has blinds or shades extending into the room, please let us know so that we can be sure the drapery treatment clears. (We can mount on 1x8" board if needed.)

Side panels are fully lined with our best cotton sateen ivory lining. The decorative braid is sewn approximately 1.5" away from the leading edge vertically. (Trim placement is best represented by our designer's sketch.The trim in the treatment photographed is different in that it is sewn at the edge of the elements and it is across the hem of the drapery.)

We recommend a top treatment width equal to the window trim (outside to outside) plus 8". We also recommend a panel length equal to the top of the window trim to the floor plus 4" plus up to 2" slack to break/ puddle. The photograph shown represents 1.5" additional length to create the slight break (as dress pants creasing on the front of a shoe)

This treatment is professionally hand and machine crafted to order in the United States. Lead time may vary depending on availability of material and number of orders in the work cue.
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