Images of Roman Shades

Images of Roman Shades
Roman shades provide simple elegance for a wide range of styles.

Our shades are in compliance with all safety standards.

While Roman shades can be made of any fabric, we recommend stable (non-stretchy) fabrics of medium to heavy weight for a tailored look. Pure linen is loved by designers for Roman shade, because of its subtle sheen and organic beauty. Linen will substantially crease and expand or contract with humidity, creating a "lived in" tailored look. For continuously tailored Roman shades, we recommend fabrics with some amount of synthetic fiber.

We do not fabricate "Relaxed Romans" as we are not confident of customer satisfaction for the style. (Relaxed Romans have rings only on the outer edges to lift the shade. The shade droops in the middle as a result.) We DO fabricate London shades which are a relaxed version of a balloon shade.

For a shabby chic, country French look, thinner fabrics even those which wrinkle easily are appropriate. However, we would recommend balloon or London shades over Romans for that application.

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