Kahala Plantation Drapery Treatment

Kahala Plantation Drapery Treatment

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The stripe fabric is discontinued while the trim and hardware are available. Please contact us for optional custom draperies.

Kahala Plantation Drapery Treatment features vintage look 100% linen fabric in rich gold and natural white vertical stripes and ornate, imperial hardware. This treatment will make your room feel like an historic plantation! Stripes are 3" wide. Trim is 3.5" long sewn vertically along the leading edges of each drapery panel, and the poles are solid wood 1 3/8" diameter with matching decorative brackets, finials, and rings.

This drapery pair is hand and machine made to order in the United States using the highest professional standards. Drapery panels are fully lined with deluxe grade ivory lining. Side hems are rolled double 1.75" and blind stitched. Bottom hems are rolled double 4 inches and blind stitched. Pleats are mathematically correct and precise.

Choose the top style (photo is shown at inset). The panels are intended to be stationary. The finished width is 22". The last 4 inches "returns" to the wall.

Please choose the desired length. We recommend treatments that emphasize the height of the room, so for rooms with 8 or 9 ft ceilings, the pole should go nearer the ceiling than the window.

Deluxe drapery hardware is solid wood 1 3/8" poles and components. The ornate finial is moulded wood resin. The finish is superb, layered patina in the color "moonlight" that picks up both warm and cool tones from your room. The pole is fluted. Choose metal rings or the ornate leaf style shown at inset.

Email Design Nashville to customize the drapery or the hardware.

This drapery is hand and machine crafted to order.
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