Lilac Damask Flounce Drapery Pair

Lilac Damask Flounce Drapery Pair

Item# DES-lilacdamdrpair
Light hearted yet classical. The Lilac Damask is medium weight and smooth for a romantic presentation. An attached flounce is charming with tassel trim close to eye level. Drapery is fully lined with our best 100% cotton sateen lining. Hems are rolled double and blind stitched.

We recommend European Charm Drapery Poles and decorative hardware in titanium and andiron finishes to complete the look of this design.

Drapery panels are made from one width (50" before pleats) or one and a half widths(78" before pleats) of fabric. The stationary panels will simply be more full and cover slightly more width on the pole when made from a width and a half. One width panels have 5 pleats as shown. A width and a half will have 7 pleats. 4" return to the wall is standard. 6.5" return is optional (for rods with greater projection to clear treatments underneath) One width panels are pleated to 19". Width and a half panels are pleated to 23".

Drapery is priced as a pair of panels with attached flounces. Shorter length valance should coordinate with shorter length panels. Email for assistance in selecting lengths.

Drapery is professionally fan folded and shipped in a box designed for shipping draperies. Professional pressing will not be needed. Only creases where drapery is folded in half to accommodate the box will need to be touched up. A dry iron and medium heat is appropriate for synthetic fabrics. If iron begins to cling to the fabric, stop! Reduce heat, wait two minutes, and continue. Slight steam may be helpful in combination with pressing. Steaming alone is ineffective with synthetic. As an added precaution, this damask can be pressed from the back side. Lining is cotton and can be subjected to steam and high heat.
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