Marino Asymmetrical Swag Treatment

Marino Asymmetrical Swag Treatment

Item# DESMarinoSwags
Pricing includes fabric. Contact us for selections and swatches.

Artistically draped, overlapping swags in elongated proportions. This treatment is named for one of our long term clients, Chi Chi Marino an esteemed hair stylist of Italian heritage. This is a simplified version of a collaborative design we made together. Old World proportions and cleaner modern lines are the hallmarks of Chi Chi's style.

Use this design in spaces which need a formal touch but don't need heavy coverage such as sitting rooms, piano rooms, kitchens with tall ceilings. The style works well in corners or on pairs of windows. We would make the treatments mirror each other placing the long side on the outside. If your room has only one small window in addition to other large windows, this treatment is ideal for the small one. It will mesh well with other swag or drapery treatments.

Fabrics which drape well are needed for this style. Faux silk, translucent weave linen, chenille without backing are ideal, and velvet especially silk velvet are ideal.

Images of Fabric / trim/ hardware combinations will be posted shortly.
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