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This is our 30th year in business!

Text 615-601-0552 quick questions and to make a phone appointment. We can usually answer the text within a few hours if not right away.

We own both AND DesignNashville.NET eventually the two will merge. .NET has the newest offerings.

Currently, home decorating items are subject to tariffs and affected by logistical challenge. As such, we are experiencing rapid price changes from our suppliers and fluctuations in stocking. Not all items are going up in price. Some closeouts offer savings.

Prices posted are subject to change. If a price has increased more than 10%, we will contact you with new pricing before charging your card.

Email DesignNashville for general inquiries, quotes, sharing images, and relating specifications. Email is our primary form of communication, because it is excellent for RECALLING information at a later date. Please note that "status updates" for special orders * and custom orders are not available on demand.**

A phone conversation is best when you want an open dialogue to launch your project. Appointments are usually available within 24 hours of your request. Please Email to make a phone appointment for this purpose. Up to an hour of complimentary design service is provided. Phone appointments are scheduled between 2 pm and 10 pm central time.

Thank you for considering our work for your exciting project!

DesignNashville on Facebook Like our page and see the newest posts. We welcome your comments!

Enjoy the home of your dreams! We appreciate your business and confidence in our work!

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*The majority of orders placed via our website are special orders on your behalf meaning that we order or create the item just for you.

**Design Nashville offers many custom home furnishings made in several places including our own draperies and bedding, chandeliers, and home accents. While we design, make patterns, prototypes, and plan; we don't directly oversee most custom order production. For this reason, we are not privy to the exact state of progress of your order: daily or weekly "status updates" are not available on demand. We provide order acknowledgements, and we will contact you if your order requires a decision or permission and if a material is unavailable. General updates are provided at our discretion. Typically, we wait for back ordered materials for a period of time that is average for the type of material. (fabrics 20-90 days, blown glass 2-6 months, hand crafted lighting 2-4 months) If you don't want to accept back orders, please let us know before you place your order, and we will design something using only readily available materials. A deposit for the order will be required for this approach, because any delay in ordering may result in our inability to obtain the materials to fill your order.
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