Montbrun Castle Collection

Montbrun Castle Collection
These soft, richly colored fabrics portray the elegance of old world royalty yet have durability desired today. The Montbrun Collection features warm browns with rich undertones similar to dark, natural honey held to the light. The Montbrun Castle Velvet is silk velvet! A special purchase available for a limited time, the silk velvet is light weight yet thick and wonderful. The golden sienna highlights of the velvet are amazing.

Available with feminine, gender neutral, or masculine trimmings.

Beaded trimming and jewels echo the harmonious colors within the brown fabrics. Traditional European trimmings are available as well. (The clear beads connecting the jewels will not be used)

Email our designer For a design made just for you using these fabrics or other coordinates with the Montbrun Damask (main fabric)
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