Montserrat Island Bedding Ensemble 1

Montserrat Island Bedding Ensemble 1

Item# BES-montserrat1
Enjoy the scenic Montserrat Island linen print in this set of essentials with beautiful designer trims. Choose your favorite type of bed covering. The duvet cover is an authentic island weight ideal for sleeping. If you would like a more substantial feel to the scenic fabric, choose the option to line the duvet cover. Linen fabric is expected to have some wrinkling. Quilting the Montserrat Island fabric will reduce its ability to wrinkle.

Sketch and fabric images will be posted shortly.

All pillows include hypoallergenic poly inserts and zipper flap closures. Each piece represents heirloom quality sewing: Patterns are cut to match and center within each piece and from piece to piece. All seams are made with matching thread, reinforced stress points, and finished fabric edges.

Ensemble includes;
2 Montserrat Island Pillows
22x29 Qn or 22x34 Kg. Linen print front and back, matched, lined, with 4" Parthenon Tassel Trim on ends.
1 Lattice Pillow 16x22" or square (upon request) with Navy 1/2" twisted cording on all sides.
1 Duvet Cover or Tacked Comforter Montserrat Island Linen Print face, Golden Buff back. Duvet cover: Zipper closure near foot on back. Navy twisted cording on three sides. Comforter 9 oz fill. Small circle tacks (mimics button tufting). Navy 1/2" twisted cording on all sides.
Optional bed skirt

Custom designs including bedspread with shirred drop are available upon request. Email Design Nashville for quotes.
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